Google Glass piece sells to Asimov’s…


This is me all glassy-eyed. See what I did there?

Ms. Williams confirmed with me today that my piece on Google Glass and wearable computing will be appearing in a future issue of Asimovs. So I am doing the happy dance. Chock full of genre-reference goodness, the piece gives the reader a sense of the Glass experience, at least, how it felt here within the tech friendly radius of MIT.I’m overjoyed to start the new year with another sale to this magazine; appearing in its pages has been a dream come true. I’m going to have to stop gushing over this eventually, my continuous howls of deranged glee are probably not exactly… professional. Eh. So be it.

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One comment on “Google Glass piece sells to Asimov’s…
  1. Ron Hale-Evans says:

    Hooray! It’s not unbecoming for you to be happy about this, but I am having a hard time keeping up with your sales.

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