Conspiracy theories, upper and lower case style, and no, there was no second shooter in Las Vegas

Occam of Occam’s Razor fame. His principle states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

To some of my beloved and funky friends; I think you are being played by the fake news makers.

There’s no clear reason to make up the Vegas shooter story. None. We’re all shell shocked by Trump and North Korea and the hurricanes and Russia and everything else. What does the Vegas story do? Insert gun control debate into a schedule already so crowded that nobody can focus on anything for more than ten seconds?

Look Trump was doing that already AND IT HAS BEEN WORKING GREAT. Trump’s twitter account is like a squid spewing ink trying to escape a predator.

Trump has the ability to make us insane already, and he’s fully deploying that ability.

Liberals and gun control people are all useless and powerless and hampered by our ‘we don’t want to shoot people’ fetish. This attack is beyond us.

This isn’t a big C conspiracy.

There might be a small c somehwere lurking, still. The dude might have bribed hotel security to wipe some hard drives. Why? Because he didn’t want to be stopped during the set up. Is there evidence for this? NOT THAT I KNOW OF. But its the kind of thing that might explain any discrepancies, and it’s pretty boring.

That the thing about the little c conspiracy (all that conspiracy means is some people are keeping secrets.) The little c stuff is petty and stupid and ugly and whether you accept it or not, the big story stays mostly the same.

So on 911 we were uniquely vulnerable to the Saudis because of Bushes ties to the kingdom / and / or various forms of criminal incompetence. So the administration fought any investigation of 911 and quietly shredded evidence for years to the degree it could.

This little c conspiracy generated the big C conspiracy. The PNAC they were all in on it New World Order stuff. The biggest C 911 conspiracy insisted that there were no planes used. It was holograms and controlled detonation. (This was called the web fairy theory.)Variants of the web-fairy also say no plane hit the pentagon. it was a missile.

The missile theory is fascinating. It seems to have merit. But why? Why use a missile? What happened to the plane?

It doesn’t matter; all that matters is that you have something that seems hard to explain, small hole in the pentagon; very little intact debris, and the conspiracy theory explains it. Like the American flag ‘rippling’ in the vacuum of space on the moon. (The razor thin aluminum sheeting was reacting to sunlight, buckling as it expanded and contracted.) There are no stars in most of the moon shot photos! Exposing for the surface light condition, raw unfiltered daylight, meant there wasn’t enough light hitting the emulsion for the stars to register. Standard photographic stuff, and you don’t think, if They were faking it, that They would stick some stars in the goddamn backdrop?

And on and on.

The US military and the intelligence agencies used UFO reports to mask several kidns of secret surveillance missions against the Soviets; U2 sightings and the Mogul balloon program. A Mogul balloon crashed in Roswell. They said it was a flying saucer.

Whups. They’d started a big C conspiracy that will never, ever die. Why won’t it die? Because there’s money in it. That’s the other thing to understand about Conspiracy—it is a consumer product.

Little c is true, often, and kind of boring. Big C is seldom true, and when it is, that truth emerges generally only after the culprits are beyond justice. (Gulf of Tonkin; Zimmerman telegram.) Big Cs are exciting. Big Cs sell in certain segments of the population like hotcakes.

US intelligence agencies, fearful that the UFO craze could be exploited by the Russians, many people thought that UFOs didn’t like our nuclear weapons, caused the US military to conduct experiments where they exposed hundreds of soldiers to mock-ups of alien craft, and people in odd space suits, and they asked the soldiers what they would have done, if strange orders started being barked at them through megaphones from these people.

Then they told the soldiers never to talk about this.

So the area 51 alien crashed saucer government knows about the aliens thing? It IS a conspiracy! A little c one. No aliens, no saucers. Just a fear of Russians, and of a pop culture phenomena.

(This all from the work for Jacques Vallee, a french researcher, who was offered, on many occasions, a chance at taking a cab to the pentagon to see alien bodies–but only off the record. This was some psy ops thing. He turned down the offers. If the pentagon wasn’t going to make any official statements, Vallee refused to go to their halloween haunted house. He agonized over this. It was the right decision.)

I know all this because…


But I also have a really sharp brain (so sharp it cuts itself sometimes) and I can inhale books, I have access to the best libraries in the world, and so I have spent—wasted?—tens of thousands of hours trying to dig to the bottom of these things, trying to find the Truth, capital T, when there is only ever a little t truth. And while there are mysteries on this planet, the little c conspiracies so far outnumber the big C ones, that I can tell, from the get go, when a conpiracy theory smells like capital C, because it smells like bullshit.

And I have stepped in this shit before.

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