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A Modest Healthcare Proposal

The current misery being created by the GOP for most Americans, slated to hit in a few years, when they have lost power, to make Democrats look awful, has me thinking about what we could do with healthcare, for pennies

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How a videogame (Overwatch) teaches us how to fix capitalism…

I’ve been thinking about how game worlds are these socialist utopias, where all players start out equal, and social engineers continually tinker with the rules to produce the desired outcome. Maximum fun, for the maximum number.   You get the same

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The Seduction of Reason: Conspiracies both Real and Imagined

The most seductive aspect of the conspiracy theory is that once freed from the bonds of available, impeccable information sources, you are free to build logic chains that lead, literally, from anything to anything else you want to believe in.

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Conspiracy theories, upper and lower case style, and no, there was no second shooter in Las Vegas

To some of my beloved and funky friends; I think you are being played by the fake news makers. There’s no clear reason to make up the Vegas shooter story. None. We’re all shell shocked by Trump and North Korea

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Read me for Free in Kindle Unlimited… for a limited time. I think.

So I have three short story collections now in Kindle Unlimited. Well. One collection is a single story I’m trying to make perma-free, and it included in the other collection, so, I have two short story collections in KU. There

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I’m wide! Bad Gurus available at Google Play!

  So Bad Gurus is now for sale for 5.99 at Google Play for all your android type devices!

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The Conversation We Never Had

A man in a red t-shirt sits watching TV alone in his condominium drinking a can of beer. He has recently quit smoking and feels like shit. He is wearing three nicotine patches. He has had a bad day at

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My new collection Bad Gurus, is available for pre-order, shipping September 1!

This is the link to the ebook preorder page. The book will be discounted in pre-order by a buck, so it’s only 4.99 for a novel length collection of stories from the top magazines in the SF field, Asimov’s, F&SF,

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Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon

So I had these kids (to be honest, my wife had them, I watched) eighteen years ago and after taking care of them, doing long stints as the primary caregiver, I eventually graduated to the status of medical and after

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When Do We Punch the Nazi?

“It’s never right. Violence is never the answer,” my wife said. “But what if—” “Never, ever, ever ever—” “But what if—” “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER—” “OKAY! I get it! I get it.” My wife is breathing heavily through flared nostrils. I

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