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Stop Talking about Politics on the Web

The internet is mostly bots. The majority of web traffic is generated by programs performing automated tasks. In a recent survey, more than half of those programs were malicious. As the Democratic party struggles to make sense of its electoral college

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Shaver Mystery: I Endure Lemuria

A third of the way through 1947’s Most Sensational True Story Ever Told, I Remember Lemuria, wondering why I’m bothering, when the text finally hits its stride. The flow of the text is interrupted by a structureless mass of footnotes and

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From the Air Loom to The Shaver Mystery… Insanity in Science Fiction

I’m reading the manuscripts co-created by Ray Palmer and Richard Sharpe Shaver (1905-1977) that form the nucleus of The Shaver Mystery, a bit of twisty SF culture from the 40s and 50s that has long fascinated me. Shaver exhibited all

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Researching the Singularity: Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence

Working my way through this slowly now with a hi-lighter taking a notes. A paper copy. I’m posting the good-reads link, which has about 4500 comments, as access to a better dialog about the book than I can probably provide

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“Mankind’s Greatest Achievement; the Earth Destroyed by Atomic Fire” Fury, Bad Dreams, Moore and Kuttner and Me

One of the pulp covers that I found in the 70s, in books on the pulps, that shaped my world and my subconscious in many ways, inspiring dreams of nuclear holocaust survived under vast glass domes. Last night I dreamed

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My Hugo eligible Asimov’s Reader Award Finalist Novella is free for download for a limited time!

So, my novella “What We Hold Onto,” made it into the top five novella’s in 2016 in the Asimov’s Reader’s choice awards, which is wonderful, so the magazine has made it available for free download as a PDF. The reasons magazines

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The Good Old Days Were Never Good

So I found this site Young People Read Old SF, by accident, blundering around the web; it was inspired by a quote from my friend Adam-Troy Castro: …nobody discovers a lifelong love of science fiction through Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein anymore,

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One More Thing about Grandmaster…

I did my research on that time period by reading two books; The Futurians by Damon Knight, and The Way the Future Was, by Fred Pohl, and then I just scrambled and reinvented various anecdotes to create my mythical C.L.

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What my Story Grandmaster in Analog was about…

So the reviews are creeping in for my story Grandmaster in the current March / April issue of Analog, and they fall into two camps. Pretty good story, moving, not sure who this character is supposed to be. I found

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My first story in Analog is out in the March / April 2017 issue…

 A ton of names I know in this issue which I will start reading tomorrow. I’m Facebook friends with a half dozen or so of these folks. Adam-Troy Castro I’m familiar with in a few ways, as a reviewer at

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