Dystopian Love


Fresh out of university and working in the first tech boom before 911, Jay O’Connell wrote and workshoped a bunch of short stories—these are the best of the ten he published during that time period, eight stories for the price of a small cup of coffee.

Fancy coffee, of course.

A married man awakens to discover his penis missing. This becomes the least of his worries.

One man’s lover is dead, her android double animated by remote telepresence. Only, somehow the thing knows things it can’t possibly know…

Another man sells his infant son into slavery… and then, tries to make it up to him.

What might have happened if Mary Shelly’s Doctor had been a tad less xenophobic?

A man stranded with his fiancé on a strange world experiences the honeymoon from hell.

Ever wonder what life would be like if you’d landed the One That Got Away?

This is the way the world ends… for the Last Man on Earth and an unexpected party.

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