Four Worlds & Counting

In 2012, Jay O’Connell returned to writing Science Fiction with stories in Asimov’s SF magazine, Fantastic Stories, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Since 2012, he’s been published in Analog, Galaxy’s Edge and Interzone.

These are his first four ground-breaking stories.

In Custody he explores the difficulties of parenting a rebellious teenage girl when your ex-husband is a vampire.

In That Universe We Both Dreamed Of a man unlocks the secret of the Fermi paradox in his interview with the unknowable, and, more importantly, get’s the unknowable’s phone number.

In Dignity, he explores the limits of a young girl’s defiance in a world of staggering inequality.

In Solomon’s Little Sister, a trio of ordinary, post-singularity humans work through some messy relationship problems.

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