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The Seduction of Reason: Conspiracies both Real and Imagined

The most seductive aspect of the conspiracy theory is that once freed from the bonds of available, impeccable information sources, you are free to build logic chains that lead, literally, from anything to anything else you want to believe in.

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Conspiracy theories, upper and lower case style, and no, there was no second shooter in Las Vegas

To some of my beloved and funky friends; I think you are being played by the fake news makers. There’s no clear reason to make up the Vegas shooter story. None. We’re all shell shocked by Trump and North Korea

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Shaver Mystery: I Endure Lemuria

A third of the way through 1947’s Most Sensational True Story Ever Told, I Remember Lemuria, wondering why I’m bothering, when the text finally hits its stride. The flow of the text is interrupted by a structureless mass of footnotes and

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From the Air Loom to The Shaver Mystery… Insanity in Science Fiction

I’m reading the manuscripts co-created by Ray Palmer and Richard Sharpe Shaver (1905-1977) that form the nucleus of The Shaver Mystery, a bit of twisty SF culture from the 40s and 50s that has long fascinated me. Shaver exhibited all

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