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I’m wide! Bad Gurus available at Google Play!

  So Bad Gurus is now for sale for 5.99 at Google Play for all your android type devices!

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My new collection Bad Gurus, is available for pre-order, shipping September 1!

This is the link to the ebook preorder page. The book will be discounted in pre-order by a buck, so it’s only 4.99 for a novel length collection of stories from the top magazines in the SF field, Asimov’s, F&SF,

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My Hugo eligible Asimov’s Reader Award Finalist Novella is free for download for a limited time!

So, my novella “What We Hold Onto,” made it into the top five novella’s in 2016 in the Asimov’s Reader’s choice awards, which is wonderful, so the magazine has made it available for free download as a PDF. The reasons magazines

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One More Thing about Grandmaster…

I did my research on that time period by reading two books; The Futurians by Damon Knight, and The Way the Future Was, by Fred Pohl, and then I just scrambled and reinvented various anecdotes to create my mythical C.L.

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What my Story Grandmaster in Analog was about…

So the reviews are creeping in for my story Grandmaster in the current March / April issue of Analog, and they fall into two camps. Pretty good story, moving, not sure who this character is supposed to be. I found

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My first story in Analog is out in the March / April 2017 issue…

 A ton of names I know in this issue which I will start reading tomorrow. I’m Facebook friends with a half dozen or so of these folks. Adam-Troy Castro I’m familiar with in a few ways, as a reviewer at

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Fifteen Minutes from Now: A Half-Assed History of Near Future Science Fiction: Part 1

I have a friend who works at TOR, the world’s largest SF publisher, and I’ve done a few informal meetings with editors and my friend around what the hell I should be working on at novel length now that I

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My Starship Sofa Episode has landed!! #470 Rob Boffard interview with my Asimov’s short story, Solomon’s Little Sister

So this is live now, and I have to say I really like the reading by Ralph Ambrose. The interview with Rob Boffard is interesting, it makes me want to check out his trilogy published by Orbit. I’m really impressed

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My Story in Galaxy’s Edge

So I really really love this story, and was glad that it was available on-line for a month. Most of my stuff has been in Asimov’s, F&SF, and Interzone. For those that missed the story when it was on-line, the

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The Story that Broke Through Eighteen Years of Writer’s Block…

TL: DR, join my Mail Chimp list and get a free short story by me! I’m getting some fan mail on my new novella in the June 2016 Asimov’s, which is awesome. The 38,000 word piece, “What We Hold Onto”

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