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Reading Out Loud

About eight years ago, I started reading out loud to my two boys. My wife started the job, using board books, picture books from the library. At some point we stopped being selective, we’d just grab a fifty pound stack off the

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On Graphic Design

I’ve made the bulk of my income over the years as a graphic designer; during the tech bubble, graphic design got mixed up with software development and ‘information architecture’ and User Experience and Branding and became briefly valuable and deeply

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Maybe. If he lost the glasses.

So it’s 2 am and I’m not sleeping so I wanted to share something that has been going through my head since my younger son got his contact lenses last week, a little story I told him, which I now

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The Elusive Beauty of the Thing

I have one of those memories of being a kid, one of those curated memories, that you still have because you’ve been taking it out and looking at it, every now and then, your whole life. I’m five or six

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Getting Something Out of It

When I was a tech entrepreneur, I had a boss who liked to say, about working for his web-based startup company, that you got out of it what you put into it. Yeah. I know. But I fell for it.

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Colorful, Collectible Pain from the Past

A friend told me that the word nostalgia means, literally, pain from the past. For me it is a mixture of pain and pleasure, celebration and regret. As I raise my children, I find myself mining the library, and the

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New Year’s Revolution

I liked the sound that of that title. Not sure what it means exactly, but I like it. I see Dick Clark in a Che t-shirt. I guess it’s an android Dick Clark. Or maybe it’s the guy above there.

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My Favorite Year

2013 is the year when it changed for me as a writer. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I joined three peer group workshops in 2012, B-spec, Griffins and Mechanics (led by Michael McComas who teaches SF at

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Campbell, Heironymous, and Dean

My novella, Of All Possible Worlds, has now gone back to Sheila Williams at Asimovs for a final decision. Will it or won’t it be the longest story I’ve ever I’ver sold–or told. I won’t know for some period of

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On Transcending The Genre

“I don’t really get the genre thing,” My friend Steven Solomon said to me, about my writing, once. Stephen is an artist, who has a day job usually, but he’s a real artist, not a commercial artist or graphic designer

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