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Read me for Free in Kindle Unlimited… for a limited time. I think.

So I have three short story collections now in Kindle Unlimited. Well. One collection is a single story I’m trying to make perma-free, and it included in the other collection, so, I have two short story collections in KU. There

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Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon

So I had these kids (to be honest, my wife had them, I watched) eighteen years ago and after taking care of them, doing long stints as the primary caregiver, I eventually graduated to the status of medical and after

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Read an excerpt from my new Asimov’s story, The Best Man

 You can read the first half of my short story The Best Man here.  The story is a mix of realistic and fanciful world building and fun-house mirror memoire. My wealthy and awesome brother-in-law was in fact recently married in

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Shaver Mystery: I Endure Lemuria

A third of the way through 1947’s Most Sensational True Story Ever Told, I Remember Lemuria, wondering why I’m bothering, when the text finally hits its stride. The flow of the text is interrupted by a structureless mass of footnotes and

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From the Air Loom to The Shaver Mystery… Insanity in Science Fiction

I’m reading the manuscripts co-created by Ray Palmer and Richard Sharpe Shaver (1905-1977) that form the nucleus of The Shaver Mystery, a bit of twisty SF culture from the 40s and 50s that has long fascinated me. Shaver exhibited all

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Researching the Singularity: Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence

Working my way through this slowly now with a hi-lighter taking a notes. A paper copy. I’m posting the good-reads link, which has about 4500 comments, as access to a better dialog about the book than I can probably provide

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“Mankind’s Greatest Achievement; the Earth Destroyed by Atomic Fire” Fury, Bad Dreams, Moore and Kuttner and Me

One of the pulp covers that I found in the 70s, in books on the pulps, that shaped my world and my subconscious in many ways, inspiring dreams of nuclear holocaust survived under vast glass domes. Last night I dreamed

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News Poisoning

Everybody knows what food poisoning feels like. Two exits; no waiting. Retching, dry heaves, misery, which you know will resolve in a day or two most likely. Since the election, many creative people have been suffering from News poisoning, with

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I Give You Permission to Write

So here’s the thing. Nancy Kress, in her writing book, calls this the Tolstoy problem; when you figure out you’re not Tolstoy, you’re not your writing  hero, your story isn’t like theirs, In the bluntest terms, you’re not as good as

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The unspeakably horrible un-ending pain of writing rejections

Just a quick note, to the writers out there who read this blog, about the pain of rejection, which is one of those things that all successful writers mention in passing, but of course, being successful writers, we all know,

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