My Asimov’s novella “Of All Possible Worlds will be included in Allan Kaster’s Best of the Year antho

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Just an example of this antho series, not the one I will be in. So you know I’m not making it up.

I was delighted to get a note from Mr. Kaster asking me if I’d like to be included in his anthology of Best of the year Short SF novels. The anthology is ebook and audiobook, which is exciting, as I’ve never had anything of mine done as an audiobook before.

The list of authors included in these anthologies sparks this trip down memory lane for me; there are my Clarion instructors from the 90s, Nancy Kress and Michael Swanwick; there are the folks from the Cambridge Science Fiction Writer’s Workshop, Steven Popkes and Alex Jablokov, who exposed me to high-powered workshops before I went to Clarion, at Readercon, back in the day.

There are a bunch of people I’ve read in Asimov’s over the years, Robert Reed and Elizabeth Bear, Steven Baxter, Greg Egan, Allen Steele…

Mr. Kaster has been putting out anthos since 2000 or so, so there’s over a hundred names of authors I could mention, but these leapt out at me, people I’d looked up to, workshopped with, studied under.

It’s a good feeling; the story was short-listed for the Dozois year’s best but didn’t make the cut in the end, so it’s nice for it to appear here; one of the only complaints about Kaster’s anthos is that sometimes there’s too much overlap with the Dozois or other collections, so, in this case, I’m glad to be of service.



The story will also be translated into Czech and published there in XB1, which is way cool.

Today, indeed, is a good day for me.



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4 comments on “My Asimov’s novella “Of All Possible Worlds will be included in Allan Kaster’s Best of the Year antho
  1. Wow! Congrats. It’s well-deserved. That’s an outstanding story, and if the others are half as good, the book will be a great read. Do you know who’s doing the readings for the audiobook? Will you get to read your own story?

    • admin says:

      They have professionals doing the audiobook stuff I think; their work is well reviewed. I’m going to listen to some samples later today. I’m just really glad to get into a top ten for that year.

  2. David Knight says:

    Really sorry. Wrong author. However the story I purchased was worth was a good read and the story of the school procter, Things Worth Knowing, was good.

    • admin says:

      Glad your read the story and liked it. I was going to get back to you that you hard the wrong author on your previous note, which I’m not posting, as you know, it isn’t about my story. But it’s cool. No worries. Thanks for reading.

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