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So, one of the things I’ve been doing lately is working for this magazine put out by my long-time friend, editor, and supporter Warren Lapine. I was published in the first Fantastic anthology he put out, before the webzine started. Now I’m on the staff.

Getting a new magazine off the ground in this day and age isn’t easy. Doing it while Amazon is re-inventing publishing from the ground up makes it even harder. But the magazine has shown steady growth in readership, has attracted some great stories by new and established writers, and is becoming an important part of the online magazine world.

Unforeseen circumstances–there are a lot of them in writing and publishing–has forced the  magazine to seek gap-funding while it continues to build towards a sustainable business model.

So. Here’s where you come in.


For ten dollars, you can get the first five issues as a perk.

Any contribution is appreciated. Five dollars would be wonderful. I can see where the hits and money come from, so, I’ll know, if you do me this solid. Thanks for listening.

Oh. I do the cover design/illustration and the web stuff. I do those things.

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