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Breaking a habit; making new ones… in a world gone mad

One of the things you can do, if you want to, as a human being, is read books about how to be a better human being. My mix of ego and fatalism, mild-bipolar, and generalized cynicism has kept me from

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Social Media Exile

Social media lets you hold onto people who you’ve left behind. They move, or you move, and in the old days, there were two options. Well, three. One, you never saw or spoke to them again, if you were casually friends. Two,

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Back on the Wagon…

So I spent a month this year detoxing from Social Media. It was painful but I thought I’d learned some lessons, about how I would work with it going forward. Yeah. I was fooling myself. The election… and since the

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Piecing Ourselves Back Together

If you’re like me, and why wouldn’t you be, your consciousness has changed over the last few decades. You remember a time, when news was a newspaper, or perhaps, a 24 hour cable TV station. CNN to be precise. There

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Imposter’s Syndrome

I have been struggling with imposter’s syndrome. Found this in a business centric site, as a list of things to do to combat IS. Don’t stay silent. Find a way to speak about your fears with a trusted friend, a coach,

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Twenty Six Years Later

So, twenty six years ago I was living in Jamaica Plain with my girlfriend who would become my wife and I decided that rather than just talking about writing fiction I would actually sit down and write some. My early

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I Give You Permission to Write

So here’s the thing. Nancy Kress, in her writing book, calls this the Tolstoy problem; when you figure out you’re not Tolstoy, you’re not your writing  hero, your story isn’t like theirs, In the bluntest terms, you’re not as good as

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Back from Europe, as the World Shudders…

Back from Southern Italy. We did day trips to ancient cities and had a live-in cook, a wonderful friend of the family named Peter, and cut loose from all responsibility I rediscovered the ability to read short stories for pleasure. I turned

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Out of Darkness

So to everyone who feels like their creative work is futile, pointless because few will see it, and it won’t make enough money to put food on the table, for everyone saddened by the stories that won’t sell and the novels

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The Story that Broke Through Eighteen Years of Writer’s Block…

TL: DR, join my Mail Chimp list and get a free short story by me! I’m getting some fan mail on my new novella in the June 2016 Asimov’s, which is awesome. The 38,000 word piece, “What We Hold Onto”

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